What happens when you lose a tooth? You are definitely going to have a hole in the mouth where the tooth used to be. That hole can be a problem as the gum is exposed. It can also harm the strength of the nearby teeth. This means we should find a way to fill those gaps left by lost teeth. That is where we use tooth replacements. There are different types of tooth replacements from dentures to the modern tooth replacements. The best one we have right now is the modern tooth replacement or the dental implant Cardigan. There are benefits in choosing it. That is why most people like to choose it.

Perfectly Blends with the Natural Teeth

The artificial tooth you get under this method is well designed using modern technology. It is created to have the same colour as the natural teeth and to be in the right size. Therefore, once you place it among the other natural teeth it is going to blend in well. No one is going to be able to tell it is an artificial tooth unless you tell them it is.

No Need to Take It Off

With dentures, which are quite popular too, you have to take them off every night when you go to sleep. You have to keep it in a glass of solution to keep it in good condition until the morning. However, with a modern tooth replacement you do not have to remove it every night. Once the professional dentist inserts it into your mouth it becomes a part of the mouth like the natural teeth.

No Accidents of the Teeth Slipping Off

There are always incidents where people face the problem of their dentures falling off. This happens when the denture is not designed to the mouth perfectly well. This can also happen when the denture is already damaged. Either way, if it slips off you are going to be embarrassed. At the same time it is going to get damaged if it falls on the ground. With the modern artificial teeth you do not have to face such embarrassing accidents.


Since the modern tooth replacement is created using the right materials and is installed to your mouth with the help of a great doctor it is going to last long.

Easy to Have in the Mouth

Once the modern artificial tooth is inserted to your mouth in the right way you are not going to feel a difference. These are the benefits you can experience by choosing modern tooth replacements.

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