Migraine is a kind of headache which is caused by various reasons. It is the worst kind of headache which a human can get. It makes a life completely hell of a person who is going through this condition. In migraine, half side of the head along with the half face which includes ears, eyes and nose al experience pain. The intensity of pain is so much that it even can’t explain in words. The treatment for migraine in medical terms is not this much successful. We can also take-home remedies for instant relief but the treatment is not long term.

There are several reasons that causes migraine. A person who has migraine should know, which is the thing makes him trigger so he can avoid that cause for a healthy life style.

The Reasons:

Following are the reasons that trigger migraine.

  • Tension and stress:

Tension and stress are the roots of many diseases. A heathy person can fall ill if he has tension. The reason of taking stress varies from person to person. A reason that is just okay for one person may cause stress for another person as the mindset and the level of tackling situations and things are different of each human being. For example: A lout voice from senior or a high tone of parents may trigger some of the people. They don’t know how to deal with that situation and therefore they take and eventually hits with migraine.

  • Heat and Exposure of Sun:

Sun rays are every harmful. We all have a limited tendency to absorb the level

Of heat. Where there is a frequent and visible change in the weather, most people who are patient of migraine have the attack. In summers, we have often seen that people complaint about migraine frequently. The get frequent attacks of migraine where the temperature is high of the sun exposure is more. They need to sit and stay in the cool place in order to avoid the attack of migraine. Summers are not just for the people who has migraine. 

  • Lack of sleep:

Lack of sleep also causes headache. It is normal for all the human beings. It is the quality of our body that when it comes to routine it become used to it. Even a less sleep doesn’t affect many people. But people who have migraine can’t stay awake for long hours. They have to sleep at least for couples of hours so that migraine don’t him them and they can give their best.

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